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Seventeen Things I've Done So Far In 2017

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  1. Created a long set of goals and intentions for the year, separated into the categories Fitness, Nutrition, Education, and Personal. Hello daily self-care, I'm so glad you're here to stay!
  2. Stacked an absurd TBR pile that sits dangerously close to my head when I sleep. 
  3. Went back to school finally deciding on going back to my original major (kind-of) Food Science and Nutrition after having spent two years in and out of depression and anxiety and confusion relating not only to my college major and potential career choice.
  4. Went to the Women's March on Washington with CG and his cousin, held back tears nearly the entire time, and found an immensely growing passion to be more present in my want for change and equal rights.
  5. Marathon watched the Star Wars trilogy for the first time on my three year anniversary with CG. Also successfully made my way through Twin Peaks in three weeks with only a few nightmares and a nightlight.
  6. Added to my daily listening of podcast shows: Girls Gone WOD PodcastRise and Resist, Pod Save America, Feminist Killjoys, PhDNasty Women Radio, and 2 Dope Queens.
  7. Committed to staying up to date on current politics and news around the world, but only once (sometimes twice) a day to put myself and my self-care first, always & all ways.
  8. Stayed faithful this month to my intention of not purchasing any new clothing, unless totally necessary, for the entire year.
  9. Found lots of new artists and albums to play on repeat. (Currently, RTJ3 & Coconut Oil)
  10. Promised myself to make more time with my best friends outside of the gym, work, and my iPhone.
  11. Fostered a damn near obsession with smoothie bowls. Also skipped buying it out and made my own coffee at home everyday.
  12. Tried meditative journaling with intent through the guidance of reading a daily tarot card.
  13. Went to the gym at least two-three times a week, but never forcing myself when my body didn't want to or time to myself was more important.
  14. Got my eyebrows microbladed! Definitely recommend, but final review and pics when they're healed to come.
  15. Applied for a volunteer trip to Thailand or Costa Rica with my job. Keep your fingers crossed!!
  16. CRIED MY EYES OUT in the theater when I watched Hidden FiguresJanelle, Octavia, and Taraji, y'all are my heroes. Movie of the year, I promise. Please see it.
  17. Fell in love with myself a little bit more.

Hope y'all are taking care of yourselves during this rocky start to our year. ❤️



Hope locates itself in the premises that we don’t know what will happen and that in the spaciousness of uncertainty is room to act.
— Rebecca Solnit, Hope In The Dark

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NJ Donuts, Vol. I