NJ Donuts, Vol. I


I obviously have to stay on-brand and make my first official post about donuts:

Earlier this year, my boyfriend, C, and I spent an entire day off together and took a long drive down the Jersey shore to try some new donuts! I called it our donaventure. 😍 First we tried my local favorite, Montclair Bread Co., then the highly recommended, Broad Street Dough Co. and Purple Glaze. Also pictured in these photos are my favorite Doughnuts and Deadlift joggers; i'm obsessed with them and wish I could wear joggers daily.

Montclair Bread Company, Montclair, NJ (pictured above)

This donut shop is ten minutes from my school, so clearly it's dangerous (or necessary) during finals week. I love pairing their seasonal donuts with an almond milk latte. I recently split thirteen donuts from here with C...maybe over a few days. Definitely try their Nutella donut, their homemade Poptarts, and any seasonal/specialty donuts like the Candy Corn or Stumptown donuts!

-- Runson Doughnut Rating 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

Broad Street Dough Co.Oakhurst, NJ

BSD is different from most donut shops I've been to--all their donuts pretty much have the same base donut (and also a vegan base donut option) and you order them with different toppings/styles off their menu. This shop is a must-stop for me after a beach day at the Jersey shore. My favorite is the Route 35, pictured, with chocolate icing and M&Ms!

-- Runson Doughnut Rating 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

Purple Glaze, Asbury Park, NJ

Purple Glaze was recommended to me by an old coworker and had an awesome staff that loved my donut tattoo. The donuts we ordered were similar to BSD, where they all had basically the same base donut, with different style toppings that you could order off their menu. Their donuts were a little more cakey and dense than the first two shops, but my favorite was the Cluster Nut, pictured, with chocolate icing, peanuts, and caramel drizzle 😍 They also had the cutest purple donut pins for sale that I immediately snagged and added to my backpack.

-- Runson Doughnut Rating 🍩🍩🍩🍩 

 After purple glaze, we stopped to walk on the beach a bit and saw this LITTLE BABY SEAL, OMG. 

After purple glaze, we stopped to walk on the beach a bit and saw this LITTLE BABY SEAL, OMG. 

I definitely suggest checking out any and all of these donut shops in Jersey if you ever get the chance! They're all definitely worth the drive for me. One shop owner even suggested I check out Uncle Dood's Donuts in Toms River, NJ as well and then another friend told me about Top That Donuts in Point Pleasant, NJ (apparently all the good donuts are near the beach in Jersey!), so I have a couple places to visit over my winter break. 🤔 For now I'm just daydreaming about these donuts while trying to wrap up some straight As for this semester. 😳

P.S. Check out the new page I just added to my site! It's a doughnut guide covering seven states and fourteen doughnut shops--I'll be adding to this page so keep checking back!



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