Donuts and Such: Tarot for Resistance, Easy D, and Talking About the Messy

*I haven't had a full workout in over ten days now, but that's okay and I still look at this picture and myself in the mirror and feel STRONG*

This past week was a true week of self-care for me and included a show at a dope record store in Brooklyn, a new tattoo of the cutest cow, and ended with a comedy show that made me belly-laugh for the first time in a long time. I honestly had an awesome week and at times felt myself forgetting about the hell hole that is our government and country right now. That's my privilege. I'm spending the rest of this week catching up with what I missed, thinking proactively about how I personally can help best during this time of resistance, and finishing the week off with a belated Valentine's AND Galentine's celebration.

Donuts and Such:

Every few weeks I'm going to roundup some links to what I'm reading, watching, (eating too!) and listening to, so please comment with any (negative or positive) reactions to them or with what's on your personal R/W/L list!


Stay Woke Resistance Manual

Tarot For Resistance: What is my place in the movement? -- I'm currently trying to come up with my own spread to tap into my intuition and journal about what my best course of action in this fight might be.

Rest In Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin -- Highly recommend, but please choose waterproof mascara if driving to work or class when listening. The tears and the anger that I've felt in only the first couple hours of the book are REAL and I can't stop thinking about it.


2 Dope Queens -- CG and I went to see Jessica and Phoebe in Brooklyn this past Saturday and holy shit was it aaaaaaamaazing and hilarious and such a necessary night of laughter that we both needed desperately.

The Black Power Mixtape, 13th, Barry, and Finding Dory. All on Netflix


Pod Save America -- After being relocated with my job, having moved last summer, and recently starting to make an hour trek to visit CG at school every week, I now spend anywhere from 8-10+ hours in my car weekly, so podcasts and audiobooks are an obvious and easy way for me to stay entertained and up to date while commuting so frequently. I must admit that before this election and really this year, I was never interested or current in my knowledge of politics. Today I know that it wasn't just my disinterest in politics, but my privilege that allowed my apathy for the daily news. My passion for equal rights is no longer sustainable to me if it only includes my own rights; it must include the fight for all marginalized and oppressed people in this country. I cannot willingly ignore politics and the regression happening daily any longer. So not only am I trying to consume tons of different information from different media sources (as to not accidentally be misled by FAKE NEWS), but I'm really enjoying listening to podcasts like Pod Save America because its discussions, led by four former aides to President Obama and tons of guests, keep me entertained and laughing while still keeping me up to date without having to check my phone constantly. Seriously--the Can I Call You Easy D? episode.

Nasty Women -- Talking about the messy stuff was not something I grew up doing. Not in my home, not around my peers, not with boyfriends, and not even with my best friends. But along with the newfound comfort in identifying myself as a feminist, I've learned to also get comfortable with the (previously) uncomfortable and messy topics such as discussing mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, sexual pleasures, periods, intersectional feminism, etc. with my friends and family. I grew up feeling so uncomfortable with these topics that I fostered a deep anxiety surrounding any discussion of them. Listening to and following Erin and Neghar on social media has really helped empower me in my want to normalize the discussion of these topics that ARE SO NORMAL to all women and all people. So please, do not listen if you are uncomfortable at the word masturbation or periods, but PLEASE DO listen, because 👏you👏need👏to👏get👏comfortable👏.

Childish Gambino - Awaken, My Love!

Twin Peaks Vibes / David Lynch Moods Playlist


That's all for this week, ya'll! Comment or message me with your own RWLs, what you think of my posts, what you think I should post about next, to motivate me to get my ass in the gym, or just to say hi. 😊