Donuts and Such: Thunder Thighs, F*ck Health, and Fitness Professionals, You Can’t Help with Wellness While Remaining Silent on Racism

Hiiiiiii y'all! Blogging and literally everything I love has taken a backseat in my life this semester. The last time I wrote to you, summer hadn't even begun and I was still loving Crossfit and the freedom of reading and writing when I wanted. Now the last few warmish fall days on the east coast are fading away and I'm trapped inside with my textbooks every week, only getting to weightlift or eat donuts every once in a while.

This post is a bit of a link-sharing overload, but I really wanted to share with you my absolute favorite blog posts, books, videos, podcasts, and songs right now! So much has happened in my life, this country, and in the world since the last time I posted and I've found that my interests and passions are ever-changing too.

A little background sap story on me: I started my college education studying dietetics in 2012 and then in 2013/2014, I began to experience on and off, periodic depressive episodes. These left me confused and unsure about where I should be academically and in a constant state of anxiety regarding my future. Back and forth from dietetics, nutrition, women's and gender studies, english, even biology, and now back to public health and nutrition, I had been seriously struggling with "what I wanted to be when I grow up." I recently turned 25 and realized that despite still being in my undergrad after about seven years in college (I did my associates first), I needed those years of confusion and uncertainty to figure out what I really cared about and wanted to pursue. 

If you follow me on twitter, you might have noticed what I'm really passionate about now is helping people view body positivity as a feminist issue and shedding more light on body oppression. I'm going to finish my undergraduate degree in applied nutrition and public health, but I have dreams of completing a dual master's degree in women's and gender studies and public health and maybe working with a program similar to The Body Project or Community Food & Justice Coalition. Long story short, if you followed me in the past, you might notice below that my views on health, wellness, and body image have radically changed (shoutout to anyone that remembers me having a vegan food blog years ago). I hope you're interested enough to check out some of these posts and maybe start a conversation with me about them! 

Read: F*CK HEALTH // 4 Ways Movement Is Keeping You Stuck In Body-Hate, Diet Culture, and Poor Self Worth // weight loss talk: there’s no neutral. // White Supremacy Culture // Dear Fitness Professionals: You Cannot Help POC with Fitness and Wellness While Remaining Silent on Racism // What If We Cultivated Our Ugliness? // Your Fat Stigma is Racist 

Watch: Poisoned Water // Bodies as Resistance // Widening the Lens on Body Oppression // Fattitude // The Last Airbender (the kid's show I never knew I needed)

Listen: Women & Femmes in Hip Hop // Oh My! Got Them Thunder Thighs // How to Stop Fighting Food & Your Body

Bonus! My favorite books right now: Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body // March // Intuitive Eating

To be efficient as well as effective, healthcare must remedy not only the consequences of poverty, but must aid in the efforts to change the underlying circumstances that perpetuate it. This is the most fundamental form of disease prevention, and perhaps ultimately the only truly effective one.
— D. B. Dutton 1994

xoxo, donuts and such