hi, i'm allie // 25 // recovering book hoarder // studying public health and nutrition // aspiring cat lady and dog mom // olympic weightlifting enthusiast // passionate about intersectional feminism and artisanal doughnuts // runs on doughnuts is a home for my thoughts

*~My Story~*

@runsondoughnuts started out as a ~quirky~ Instagram handle back when I was getting trifectas with Spartan Race and doing Crossfit Monday-Friday, but has since become a place to share my thoughts on fitness, intersectional feminism, body positivity, activism, and photos from my life. I wasn't #bornlikethis and still feel like I have so much to learn, but sharing my journey online is one of my daily and theraputic rituals and my way of showing my friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else that follows, that you can be unapologetically strong, educated, intelligent, and a badass motherfucking woman.